Sustainability – our commitment

Nature is particularly close to our heart

Bronze certification from ibex fairstay

ibex fairstay” is a label that emphasises the importance of the environment, social and regional anchoring, profitability and management. The combination of words, composed of “ibex” (“Capra ibex” being the scientific name of the Alpine ibex) and “fairstay” (which carries the meaning “a wonderful and high-quality holiday at fair prices”), designates accommodation and hospitals that are committed to sustainability and a high quality awareness.

In spring 2016 saw the signinahotel awarded the ibex fairstay bronze certificate for its commitment to the field of sustainability. Measures such as consistent recycling, environmentally friendly toilet paper and much more besides had already been implemented. But we do not plan to rest on our laurels! Further measures are already in planning.

Our goals

Our aim is to communicate – both externally and internally – our sustainable approach to cost-effectiveness, the environment and employee satisfaction; to set an example in our daily life; and, following receipt of this certificate, to consistently maintain and continue to improve our standards.

Issues such as sustainability, organic products and a closer connection to local products and suppliers are increasingly being brought to the fore. These things are important for you as a guest as well as for us. It is our intention within the company to cut out middlemen and to select products that conform to the above-mentioned criteria.

Solarpannels bei der Bergstation


The electricity used to power the signinahotel is generated 100 % by renewable energy sources.

Eine Brücke des Trutg dil Flem


All the taps are supplied with fresh signina water from the local area, flowing at a rate of just six litres per minute.

Recycling Stationen


We are reducing the volume of waste and focusing more strongly on recycling. All departments will sort and dispose of their waste accordingly – right from the beginning.


Our employees wear work clothing made using recycled material, for example polyester from discarded PET bottles.

Ein Auto bie der E-Ladestation

Arrival at the signinahotel

We are always pleased to see guests arrive by electric car. Close to the signinahotel, we have placed charging stations so you can easily recharge your vehicle.

Vier Personen unterwegs mit dem E-Bike

Transport around the region

Bicycles or e-bikes are the ideal way to get around the local area. This is not only healthy for you, but also for the environment. The humble bicycle is still the most sustainable means of transport.

However, if you do not wish to give up four-wheeled transport, you can always reach your destination via shuttle bus.


Food and purchasing

The food at the Camino restaurant as well as at our partner restaurants is always freshly prepared. We buy large packages so that we generate as little waste as possible. With such large volumes, careful planning and foresight is essential in order to ensure that as many products as possible are used before they go out of date. We want to reduce food waste to an absolute minimum.

Ein Stift liegt auf einen Notizblock

Induction hobs, recycled paper in the area of hygiene and home-grown herbs are some of the other steps we have taken towards greater sustainability. All departments have printers and photocopiers that are equipped with rechargeable toner containers. And on the subject of rechargeable: we are planning to introduce rechargeable batteries for small devices in the near future.

Die Magerwiese im rocksresort

Natural company grounds

The green areas surrounding the signinahotel are calcareous meadows, and the trees are native species. These meadows may only be mown a maximum of twice per year and provide a valuable habitat for plants and animals. Calcareous meadows require time to grow and mature. But in the end, they offer beholders a wonderful view of flowers in a kaleidoscope of colours.

A person is throwing waste in a garbage

Social involvement

Upon request, our employees are also granted the opportunity to undergo training or further education in a range of different fields.

Bike-to-Work Challenge takes place every year during two months, with as many employees as possible coming to work on their bicycles.


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