New hits summer 2018

There is always something going on at the valley station in Laax, even in summer. Under the name "rocksresort PARK" you will find a wealth of activities around the cubes of the rocksresort.

The rocksresort PARK has continued to grow and has been expanded in recent months with further offers. In addition to the existing activities, the following new ones have been added:


Snake Run

The Urban Surfwave inspired freestylers of all kinds of sports last summer. Children with go-carts, teenagers with BMX or adults on their skateboards. Now the wave has been extended with a snake run. With two conveyor belts and varied trails, endless fun is guaranteed. The Bike Skill Area remains right next to the Snake Run.


Wild bee paradise

An own habitat for the highly endangered wild bee and other insects. Selected flowers and insect hotels should offer the animals a home, protection and incentive for pollination and reproduction. If you want to explore the habitat, you do not have to worry - wild bees do not sting.


Hubertus archery park

The gondola takes you to the first post on the Crap Sogn Gion. From here, the Hubertus Bogenpark leads on an easily accessible hiking trail to Curnius. On the way you will not only learn archery with 28 posts, but also learn about our wild animals and why there is hunting in Graubünden. Starting point and equipment can be rented in the outdoor box (House C) in the rocksresort.


Get an overview of the different offers in and around the rocksresort.



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