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Nordstern Moving Mountain Festival

Saturday, 31. August 2024 GALAAXY Crap Sogn Gion 12:00 - 22:00

Nordstern meets LAAX. Club music at its best at 2,252 metres above sea level.

What do LAAX and the famous Nordstern Club in Basel have in common? Both are places where culture, art and music melt together. On Saturday, 31 August and Sunday September 1st 2024, these two worlds will meet for the first time at the “Moving Mountain” festival on Crap Sogn Gion. Get your ticket now for this unique party on the mountain and dance with us late into the night. You can expect the finest club music from selected DJs and a breathtaking mountain backdrop at 2,252 metres above sea level.

We would like to point out that “Moving Mountain LAAX” is an exclusive event that is not linked to the general use of the TOPCARD. You can find out more about this at under “Is my TOPCARD valid every day?” on page 4.

Visit the event and experience something special!

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