Off season in full swing

Monday, May 08, 2017

Another Monday morning. Glorious sunshine, blues skies and not a wisp of cloud, with the last few vestiges of snow left on the ground melting by the minute. The birds were singing away happily and the air was filled with the sounds of spring.

So it was that I, still slightly bleary-eyed and very much lost in thought, crossed the square of the rocksresort on my way to the office. Yet something was not quite right – I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Then, a few steps further on, it suddenly dawned on me: apart from the birds, who were staging something of a concert with their morning chorus, there was not another sound or sign or life anywhere. A quick look around revealed the place to be quite deserted: no children playing and laughing, no parents chatting, while all was quiet in the darkened windows of the restaurants and shops. It could only mean one thing: off season at the base station in Laax.

wir haben Zwischensaison

This sparked my curiosity and made me wonder: what exactly goes on at the signinahotel during the off season? Never one to wait, I had to find out straight away, so I decided to take a detour on my way to work and headed straight for the hotel entrance. But when I tried to get in, I only succeeded in walking right into the glass doors, which were firmly locked. Bemused, I spied a rudimentary sign – an A3 piece of paper – informing me that the hotel would be open again on 30 June 2017 and inviting me to contact the reservations team should I have any questions.

Was that really all a hotel such as this had to offer during the off season? Slightly disappointed – and already late enough as it was – I started to head back to work. That was until I noticed the cars parked by the entrance. Surely this had to mean that there was indeed life somewhere in the hotel? My resolve suitably strengthened, I decided to give it another go; this time, to avoid drawing too much attention to myself, I crept round to the back of the hotel, and almost ended up circling the entire building. I imagined that this is what a typical day must be like for a detective – except I hope that your average sleuth is more successful than I was on that particular morning.

 Because of course I found no open doors – I should have known better, I suppose. So at this point in our story, the only thing left for me to do is to fill in the blanks using my own experience and tales I’ve heard from others. Well, one thing I can tell you straight away: there is always something going on at the signinahotel during the off season, because there is just so much to do. They say that the end of one season is the beginning of the next, and it is very easy to see why:

  •  There is a full, deep clean of the whole kitchen, including every appliance, to ensure everything is left spotless.
  • All manner of refurbishments need to be carried out.
  • Any faulty equipment has to be repaired or replaced.
  • Every room has to be cleaned thoroughly – and in the case of the signinahotel, we’re taking about 68 rooms.
  • The spa and fitness area has to be cleaned.
  • Reservations for the summer season have to be processed and all the necessary preparations made.
  • All documentation from the previous season has to be filed.
  • Plus much, much more ...

All that behind closed doors! Yet despite my otherwise fruitless investigation that morning, I did eventually unearth one interesting bit of information – at least, I found it interesting. The staff accommodation, which also used to house the laundry facilities at the signinahotel, was torn down this spring. Of course, this meant that a new location had to be found, and as of this summer, the laundry team will be relocating to the cable car hall at the base station in Laax. Meanwhile, there is to be a brand new building for guests at the rocksresort in place of the old staff accommodation. Of course, we will keep you up to date on how things are progressing.

We will be back and ready to welcome you from 30 June 2017 and look forward to seeing you soon.

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