When the smell of suncream is only just a memory

Monday, November 07, 2016

The 2016 summer season has come to an end.

Right on time for the start of July, we opened our doors at the signinahotel and were looking forward to a great summer with you. And now the warm season is over again – it went by so quickly! Was it that way for you too?

Before we look back at the highlights, we would like to say thanks.

We would like to thank you, dear guests, for your visit. It was a pleasure to welcome you at the signinahotel and serve as your host. We hope you were satisfied with our service, and whether it be in summer or winter, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

We began the summer with some very good news. The three young women who completed their apprenticeship at the signinahotel have all passed their final examination with the highest marks.

During the summer holidays, we were able to welcome children and young people to our many summer camps. These included the Junior and Teen Camp and a camp for young sports enthusiasts, which we offered in cooperation with the Freestyle Academy.

We were also involved in larger events such as the Swiss Chess Championship and the 83rd European Youth Parliament at the beginning of October.

And as always, the weddings held at and around our hotel were beautiful and magical. This summer, we were able to charm numerous wedding couples with our offer and prepare an unforgettable day for them.

July was full of weather extremes, and August pampered us with some really hot weather once again, which is why many guests were attracted to Lake Cauma or other places at higher elevations, where the temperature was somewhat cooler.

Erfrischender Drink in der Camino Bar

And during a work break, we treated ourselves to a cool drink at the Camino Bar.





September came. The blue of the sky became a little more intense, the first light mist moved over the grass, and we could sense that autumn was coming soon. In spite of these small signs, September was fantastic.

signinahotel im Herbst

We also had a variety of events planned for both September and October, including the traditional Alpabzug from Flimserstein to Flims, the hot-air balloon week and the market at the nearby rocksresort. And many of the families who were staying with us simply enjoyed the nice weather and relaxing outside with a cup of coffee, while the children were having fun thanks to our children’s programme or doing projects with Ami Sabi in his workshop.

And now the summer is over, the days are getting shorter, the first snow has already made itself known, and we are looking forward to the upcoming winter season. How about you, are you ready for winter too? Or does the landscape need to be powdered with white before you get in the mood for snow?

Let’s hope that the weather gods are feeling generous this year and give us the gift of lots of fresh snow. So make sure to always clear your plate, be happy during the day and smile a lot – maybe that will help convince them. :)

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