Sascha's Venison Menu

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just in time for the beginning of the hunting season, Sascha Meyer, head cook of the golf restaurant Tello prepared a venison classic for us: Venison entrecote with bacon lentils, venison sauce, red cabbage and spätzli. In this article, he reveals exclusively for us what it takes to prepare the perfect venison menu. “Venison entrecote is not harder to cook than some other piece of meat”, the head cook explains, “as always you have to make sure not to fry it for too long, let it rest in the oven for a few minutes and finally slice it against the fibres. Anyone can do this.”

More difficult are the sides. Sascha Meyer always makes the spätzli on a chopping board. “If someone has never done this before, it can be quite difficult to make this at home”, the head cook explains. He therefore recommends the easier alternative with the Knöpfli sieve, to make them at home. “But those are Knöpfli and not Spätzli” he says with a wink. For the real spätzli there is no way around the Tello. To round up the menu, he recommends the classic red cabbage and even reveals his very own recipe. His trick: add some apple sauce at the end – “that makes for the perfect taste”.

Recipe for perfect red cabbage
Quarter 1 kilogramme of red cabbage, cut and wash it. Add 100 grammes of sugar and a sip of water. Caramelize red cabbage until it is gold brown. Deglaze with 2 liters of red wine. Add a little salt and balsamic vinegar and boil until it is cooked. If it gets too thick, add more liquid. Finally, add 200 grammes of apple sauce and 200 grammes of brown butter and taste.

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