Winter is coming, we are ready!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There are only a few weeks left till the 28th of November 2014 and then will be officially able to say: "Welcome back to the signinahotel!". Preperations are in full swing and we're looking forward to a great winter season.

Just a few days ago the first big snow finally came and ski and snowboard fans were running up to the Vorab glacier to enter the freshly prepared pistes and enjoy the sun. It was worthwhile  to take the long ride up to the mountain, because the snowconditions were just perfect, the weather was amazing and the view from  above the clouds was simply golden.

Every year we're waiting for the day to come, when the lifts are finally open. All winter sports enthusiast know the feeling, when, after a long summer, you're able to stand again on your snowboard or skis. Freedom and feeling alive - that's what describes best, the moment when your just indulging the beautiful mountain setting and the powder beneath you.

Come visit us at the signinahotel and look forward to a winter full of memorable moments in the most beautiful winter holiday destination of Switzerland!

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