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Pizza saved my life!


Napoli, the metropolis of the south, lively, chaotic, confusion on the streets, the exciting, crowded old town – fascinating in every way. Many Neapolitans love and hate the City at the same time.

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One year to go - final examinations, here I come!


It seems like only yesterday that I began my business apprenticeship here at the signinahotel. In reality, I’ve been here for more than two whole years. I always find it incredible how quickly time …

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Hello dear summer!


You have no idea how much I have been waiting for it. Time seemed to be standing still and that made me more and more impatient. But now it’s finally here – my favourite time of the year. The …

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Off season in full swing


Another Monday morning. Glorious sunshine, blues skies and not a wisp of cloud, with the last few vestiges of snow left on the ground melting by the minute. The birds were singing away happily and …

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When your nose leads the way


The wall feels cool and rough. But that doesn’t keep me from pressing my nose as close to the wall as possible to try to discover what is waiting behind the door. It is bright and noisy; I can’t …

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When the smell of suncream is only just a memory


The 2016 summer season has come to an end.

Right on time for the start of July, we opened our doors at the signinahotel and were looking forward to a great summer with you. And now the warm season is …

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A bit of Asian flair at home


When you arrive at Nooba, you’re met with delicious scents before you can even open the door. Asian dishes can be spicy or mild, made with meat and seafood or vegetarian, but they all have one …

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Have you heard of the Graubünden speciality capuns? Spätzle dough wrapped up in a tasty package with chard leaves? Here in Graubünden, we love this dish. Today, Christian Hennig, chef at Tegia …

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Looking for that Caribbean feeling?


Stretched out on a sun lounger, sipping a cocktail, gazing over turquoise waters? Working up a sun tan while you read a good book? This is the perfect vision of a beach holiday. But sometimes, the …

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Bruschetta e insalata di ricotta – a classic reimagined


Succulent Parma ham, tangy lemon juice and freshly baked baguette parisienne – watch our chef Chris in action and marvel at the care and detail that goes into creating this very special starter. If …

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